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No PPD Hair Products

Without the use of harmful ammonia, parabens, ppd's, peg's, sulfates and more, our certified organic & low-synthetic products do not strip natural oils nor irritate your scalp, while giving you the personal service, stylish cut & luminous colour your heart desires.

Get the beautiful colour your heart desires!

*Another First for Seventh Heaven!

Seventh Heaven has just added three PPD-free professional non-ammonia colour lines on the market to our repertoire. The most advanced green chemistry on the market today uses fermentation processes which open the hair cuticle to accept gentle colour that does not destroy natural oils, protein or pigmentation. Unlike ammonia, our healthy pigments are 90% organic plant derived.

Certified organic products, and services maintain the gentle pH of your hair and scalp, while giving you the colour that your heart desires with no traditional side effects of burning or itching. Colour is more lasting because hair is left less porous! All services include relaxing scalp massage by certified Reiki practitioner.