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What is a bio salon, you might ask? First and foremost our products are either low-synthetic or certified organic and actually work better than most chemical alternatives!

Get Healthy Beauty :

Natural and Certified Organic Low-synthetic Hair and Skin Care Products with a Personal Touch

Seventh Heaven is a *BIO HAIR SALON; a 'clean air' environment free of noxious odours and aerosols - with low-EMF *Chi styling tools; Specializing in Non-toxic / Non-Ammonia Hair Colour, Certified Organic Hair Care and styling products, We put the ‘CARE’ back in hair care. Without the use of harmful ammonia, parabens, ppd's, peg's, sulfates and more, our certified organic & low-synthetic products do not strip natural oils nor irritate your scalp, while giving you the personal service, stylish cut & luminous colour your heart desires. All Hair services include relaxing shampoo and scalp massage followed by gentle drying/styling.

* Precision cuts and healthy colour in manageable styles for today's active living.

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle

We are the original organic hair spa bringing healthy beauty to the Semiahmoo peninsula since 2008, while supporting local creatives and growing local value.

Are you familiar with Green Circle Salons program in Canada to recycle all waste from salons? This includes hair clippings being made into mats to help clean up oil spills and removing chemical solutions so they don't end up in the water waste. The program encourages the recycling of all metal, glass, plastic and paper, to save the landfill.

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Last year Green Circle collected 871,191 lbs of salon waste. Our healthy organic salon accounted for 108 lbs of this waste recycling.

Many chemical salons still do not care about this. We make it our mission to help the environment. In addition to having healthy products, we also Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.

Chloe Scarf | Owner/Operator
Seventh Heaven Bio Salon, The Original Organic Beauty Alternative
Surrey, BC Canada

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Why Choose Us

  • Healthy beauty
  • Rich Luminous haircolour
  • Precision Styles and Cuts
  • Safe Natural Beauty Alternatives
  • NO Itching, NO burning, NO harsh chemical smells